• How to Clean Halo Atomizer ?

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    We recommend removing the Halo atomizer by unscrewing it from your base, and submerging it fully into a bowl of 91% ISO for at least 3-4 hours. It's important not to try taking the atomizer apart before soaking, as any residual material may damage to coil. The entire coil may be submerged, and it is recommended that you let the coil dry off fully for...
  • Atomizer heats up but it waste material and doesn't make any vapor

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    If the atomizer is heating up, your material is absolutely vaporizing! Most vapor production issues stem from one of two things: Loading and Drawing technique. We recommend loading 0.1g of material (just about the size of a rice grain) into your atomizer and using the Red or Blue heat settings with the Quartz bucket, and placing your carb cap over the atomizer. Once you...
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