Take your experience to a new level with a rig that has it all. Everyone deserves and can afford.

Innovation Made Affordable

Halo has been a #1 affordable choice of eRig lovers with great savings but without any compromise on quality and performance. Crafted with healthy materials and unique design, make it safe and a charming body with textured grip. With powerful functions of temperature adjustment, haptic technology and smart protection system, the Halo smart eRig updates our communities to a superior dabbing experience.


8 Holes of percolation

Brings tons of evenly bubbles with increased and optimized airflow, delivering super smooth, clean and quality rips.

15 Second heat-up

Provides more consumption and less waiting compared this to the typical process of heating time of e-rigs on the market

3 Temperature setting

Eliminates the guesswork with three ideal temperatures to extract the most beneficial active ingredients in your extracts


  • Heat-up time
  • 15 seconds
  • Charge time
  • 2 hours
  • Battery life
  • 35 cycles (Avg)
  • 3 Preset temp
  • 480F, 600F, 750F
  • Atomizer cup
  • Quartz & Ceramic
  • Attachment
  • Hand made borosilicate glass
  • Smart system
  • Haptic Vibration Technology, 2 minute Auto-shutoff protection, LED band indication, etc
•   1 x HALO Portable E-Rig
•   1 x Glass Water Bubbler
•   1 x Glass Carb Cap with Tether
•   1 x Quartz Bucket
•   1 x Ceramic Bucket
•   5 x Cotton Swabs
•   2 x Alcohol Pads
•   1 x Silicone Storage Container
•   1 x Dab Tool
•   1 x USB-C Charging Cable

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Halo Portable Smart Dab E-Rig offers three preset temp settings (480F, 600F, and 750F) that are fine-tuned and precisely calibrated to extract the most beneficial active ingredients in your concentrates. Whether you prefer a thinner...
V2-Night Black
V2-Glacier White
V2-Apple Green
V2-Lavender Purple
Peach Pink



Exceeds expectation

John Doe

Absolutely blown away by the build quality and functionality. Being able to alternate among different setting is extremely convenient in group sessions with different preferences. Vapor is consistent and strong. Very smooth rips and great high.

Good for travel

Anne Le

This is a very portable dab rig and with a battery power lasts quite as long as I'd like. There is no going back once you have tried the Halo e-rig, provides a relaxing, enjoyable experience from start to finish. Cannot wait to try it on the go or at the beach.

Awesome piece

Bryan Marsh

This was my first digital rig after doing extensive research and I was not disappointed! This thing is awesome! The session mode gives you 2-3 good rips in the minute it stays on and heats up super fast. Cleaning it is very easy as well.
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